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|:—————————:|:————:|:——————-: |0|21 January 2021|Introduction (PDF) |1|26 January 2021|Overview of Machine Learning and Imaging (PDF) |2|26 January 2021|Continuous Mathematics Review (PDF) |3|28 January 2021|From Continuous to Discrete Mathematics (PDF) |4|2 Feb 2021|Discrete Functions (PDF) |5|4 Feb 2021|Introduction to Optimization (PDF) |6|9 Feb 2021|Ingredients for Machine Learning (PDF) |7|11 Feb 2021|Ingredients for Machine Learning, Part II (PDF) |8|16 Feb 2021|Linear and Logistic Classification (PDF) |9|18 Feb 2021|“Deep” Networks: theoretical motivation (PDF) |10|23 Feb 2021|Convolutional Neural Networks (PDF) |11|25 Feb 2021|Convolutional Neural Networks (PDF) |12|2 March 2021|Tools for your Deep Learning Toolbox (PDF) |13|4 March 2021|Automatic Differentiation and Backpropagation (PDF) |14|11 March 2021|CNN implementation details (PDF) |15|16 March 2021|CNN visualization tools and extensions (PDF) |1616b|18 March 2021|CNN extensions and object detection (PDF) |17|23 March 2021|Introduction to Physical Layers in Machine Learning (PDF) |18|25 March 2021|CNNs, Autoencoders and Segmentation (PDF) |19|30 March 2021|Introduction to Fourier Optics (PDF) |20|1 April 2021|Coherent Physical Layers and Layer Guidelines (PDF) |21|6 Apirl 2021|Published Physical CNN Examples and Ethics (PDF) |22|8 April 2021|Recurrent Neural Networks (PDF) |23|13 April 2021|Generative Models (PDF) |24|15 April 2021|Reinforcement Learning (PDF) |25|20 April 2021|Future Directions (PDF) |26|22 April 2021|Machine Learning + Imaging Review (PDF)

Lecture Resources

Here are a few links to useful additional material for reading and viewing:

  1. J. Goodman’s Introduction to Fourier Optics Link
  2. The Matrix Cookbook Link
  3. An introduction to conjugate gradient descent without all the pain Link

Jupyter Notebook Examples

  1. Jupyter Notebook: Tensorflow basic optimization example
  2. Jupyter Notebook: High level intro to Neural Networks in Tensorflow
  3. Jupyter Notebook: Weighted image sum example - Associated cube1.mat datafile
  4. Jupyter Notebook: Physical layers example
  5. Jupyter Notebook: A simple Autoencoder in Tensorflow/Keras
  6. Jupyter Notebook: GAN example